Innovative solutions from security lanes to bag handling systems


Is it possible to experience a modular system that is easily adapted to spatial constraints? To imagine a smart compact lane that would fit almost anywhere and enhanced the passenger experience? To create a system that encouraged passengers to use the aircraft hold for baggage, speeding up the process and eliminating the fear of lost baggage whilst also reducing exorbitant baggage handling costs?

With SELFCAIR, it is.

SELFCAIR is an innovative company specialized in airport bagage handling. It offers different solutions that meet all security regulations while providing simple, affordable, and reliable solutions that can benefit all stakeholders in the airline industry.

Throughout their development, the SELFCAIR products have received the support of many leaders such as Airbus, Zodiac Aerospace, Nuctech or Ingecom.



our range of products

    The SELFCAIR CLASSIC LANE is a security lane that uses the traditionnal in-line shape. It is composed of modular parts that can be easilly assembled, in order to have different configuration and to adapt to the needs of every airport.

    It can be equipped with an automatic tray return system that limitates the number of necessary agents.

    Using a mix of short conveyors and specially designed trolleys and trays, the SELFCAIR TROLLEY LANE enhances passenger experience and offers excellent footprint efficiency.

    Frequent flyers eager to proceed rapidly at checkpoint as well as slower moving passengers will be able to proceed at their own pace hence, reducing significant frustrations. Constrained airports will enjoy the benefits of our less than 10 meters lane solution, as all will benefit saving 50% of floor space to the benefit of more retail.

    The SELFCAIR AUTONOMY SYSTEM is a global system that manages luggage from the check-in at the departure airport, to the recovery at arrival terminal. It is composed of a security lane modified so that it can also check hold bags, specific aircraft containers, and specially designed tunnels to store them.

    This system is simple and very economical. It is also universal: it can be installed as a complement to conventional handling systems, or can equip an entire airport (container/bulk, and short/long haul flights are considered).

    The SELFCAIR REMOTE SCREENING has been developped in partnership with OPTOSECURITY.




coming: ptx amsterdam exhibition

March 2017: We'll be exhibiting at PTX Amsterdam, Stand 935 hall 9. Come and discuss your security checkpoint issues, and take the virtual reality experience for the next generation of security lanes that deliver high throughput in half the space.

assembling first classic lane series

Fev 2017: The Classic Lane prototype ends its first quarter in operation and has proven the robustness of its concept. First series are at assembly stage and about to be installed in major European Airport in May.

attending UK Security Expo

Nov/Dec 2016: We exhibited first time at UK Security Expo in Olympia London. Good attendance ensuring we rebooked for next year.

Classic lane prototype completed

Nov 2016: our first production Classic Lane is completed. One week after FAT tests, the prototype was acquired by a US customer, inducing the company to launch the first series ASAP.

Attending PTX in Koln Germany

March 2016: Attending PTEX in Koln Germany with first prototype working lane on stand. This prototype has addressed many of the issues know today in the checkpoint areas.

Autonomy system: Final container by Zodiac Aerospace

Dec 2014: December 2014: Zodiac Aerospace contributed to the project by developing the LD3-45 specific container. The company’s engineering team validated its architecture and materials employed. Weight has been kept within target of 80 kilos.
Certification may take place in weeks to come. The first series will follow.

Successful first official presentation at PTX vienna

April 2012: SELFCAIR had the opportunity to introduce its disruptive concept to the industry. Our Autonomy System raised significant interest both among airport authorities and in the media.
We received a great number of questions and encouragement. This led to contacts with 29 single airport entities or larger airport operators from the five continents. Discussions are under way.

AIRBUS, EADS and INVESTEC BANK joining as investors

October 2010 : AIRBUS has been a strong supporter of our company since 2008 when an agreement to help promote the system was signed.
Since October 2010, AIRBUS along with EADS and INVESTEC have decided to become more involved and, although this does not represent a core business for them, to invest through their incubator fund to support the launch of the initial development stage.

Commercial contact

ANDY DOWE - Tel: +44 (0) 7481 555968

Selfcair UK: Units 8 & 9 Middle Drove Business Park, Marshland St. James, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, PE14 8JT